We have to confess: Since 1952 our industry sold you nothing but air.

We know this is quite a hard fact to swallow. All these years, we have been producing a material that has excellent insulation and cushioning properties, that is both light weight and robust, keeps the cold things cold and the warm things warm, and then we tell you it’s nothing but air. 

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But before you ask for your money back, let’s look back to the year 1949. A German scientist called Fritz Stastny made a wonderful discovery while experimenting with tiny polystyrene pellets which he kept in shoe polish cans. When he forgot one can in the drying cabinet, it had expanded to more than 50 times its original size. A “miracle” material was born and it was made of 98% air.
Yes, it is the engineering ingenuity of Fritz Stastny and countless engineers thereafter, working in our industry across Europe, making innovative products with 98% air captured within a 2% cellular matrix that is smart engineering at its best.
We are teaching air to protect and insulate the things that are most important in our life. We are teaching air to insulate houses across Europe, so that we can reduce our energy consumption by up to 50%. We are teaching air to protect sensitive goods, so our flat screen arrives in one piece. WE are teaching air to be hygienic and safe, so the food we eat is kept fresh and delicious. WE are teaching air to be cost effective, versatile, efficient and affordable in many different ways. And it is important to know that products made of airpop can be same-recycled or up-cycled up to seven times. With 98% air there is really not that much left over at the end of the day.
And that’s the smartest way of engineering air we can think of.