Jackon GmbH is dedicated to protect the environment and create a better future for generations to come. Our Quality systems control and ensure no dangerous substances are leaked into the nature and our technology department constantly strive for new product innovations that reduce impact on the environment.

All Jackocell® EPS grades for construction application purposes exceed all standards in relation to insulation values (lambda), and help to decrease heating/cooling costs for individual housing as well as business complexes, and therefore indirectly contribute to reduce the most important contributor to CO2 emissions.

We believe in constantly raising the bar of our goals to improve and sustain a good environment. This cannot be achieved only by outstanding product innovations, but must also be seen in a bigger context, this is why Jackon, as a member of Plastics Europe, allocate financial as well as intellectual resources as an integral part of our mission.

More information about our energy policy [PDF, 184 KB] - german language