The insulating abilities of EPS are second to none, making it an outstanding provider of thermal insulation in the building construction industry.

EPS has been used in this sector for more than 50 years and it has demonstrated great success when used in the many possible products that it can be used in to complement other building materials, whether it is used for decorative mouldings, floor or roof insulation, a basis for foundations, insulated construction forms (ICFs) or wall insulation panels used in new construction as well as renovations, EPS is as relevant today as it was when it first stared being used.

The main advantages of Jackon EPS for construction products are

  • Extremely lightweight, fast and cost effective
  • Forms water and vapour barrier
  • Ideal for sound insulation
  • High load bearing
  • Earthquake resistance
  • Perfect for controlled environment projects
  • Long life and low maintenance